One day, he said to her: "if two people can be together for 60 years, then the difference of 6 years, what is it? "At that time, there was a long silence between them. He raised his head and saw her eyes, which were as peaceful as a baby, and as omniscient as a monk. Under such eyes, he felt how reckless and reckless he was, and how insignificant it was in her heart. In fact, all he could think of, she had thought of, even more thoughtful and thorough than he thought. It's not only the relationship of age, but there is a tragic factor inherent in her character. One thing, the first thing to think about is the ending, before we meet, we are afraid of parting. For the course, she can't be down-to-earth, so that, floating is floating, always let the person who is with her have no effort to float. She's a woman with a lot of alcohol, though she doesn't drink very often, neither does she when they're together. Except that time, there was good wine. It was the weather with drizzle all over the sky. The night was long. She raised her glass again and again, and he gently pressed her hand: "don't drink too much, hurt your body. "She insisted, looking at him from the mouth of the cup:" so what? "All at once. Under the shadow of the lamp, her long eyebrows went into her temples, her eyes moved, and she stared at him for a long time. There was a slight sneer on her face. She laughed at him and herself. She dared to love and dare not love to the end. How many times in your life? , will give up. Later No later. Occasionally, in the very quiet night, he would remind himself quietly that what he gave up, after all, is the part of him.